Lucy. Mascha Danzis contemporary video and media artist
Lucy. Mascha Danzis contemporary video and media artist

Video installation. 

15 min own channel video |2005|

The girl tells the story of a doll called Lucy. The story begins with a meeting and a wedding of parents, followed by rough disposal of the father, replacement of the mother with another one. Actions rotate at a fast pace and are accompanied by comments in not-so-childish language. Barbie dolls and the rich dollhouse are details for dramatisation of a family history full of breakups and conflicts. At the end of the game, the little storyteller bows and goes away, leaving behind a chaotic mess of doll bodies.

Whether Lucy is the alter ego of the narrator or a fictional character, it remains unclear. From the story, we could see the sources of inspiration, it is fairy tales, on the one hand, and daily dialogue, on the other. Mixing up, it turns into an ingenious narrative where there are no individual experiences.

The doll game begins with a romantic story, then it helically escalates into a melee of puppet figurines. In the end, the happy world of Barbie becomes a victim of media reproduction of impressions.

2019 Screening, Eremitage Sankt Petersburg
2012: “Family album”, State gallery, Nordhorn
2010: Shortlist Columbus Art Foundation, Leipzig 2010 (“+6/2010”) 2007: Anita Bakers Gallery
2006: Museum Ludwig, Cologne
2006: House of Media Art Edith Roose, 01 Vision, Oldenburg, Open 2005: Screening, Station of Culture Kassel

Awards and nominations:
2006: Nomination at the Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival, Kassel
2006: Nomination at the Art Kino Biennale, Cologne
2005: The first prize of the Academy of Arts Kassel in the nomination “Best work in the field of photography and video art” in the section of short films, Kassel