The Motherboard

The Motherboard

Interactive video installation,  2022

A web search of “parenthood + Web + computer games” in any language yields articles on how to protect your child and build a healthy boundary between them and the Web. But when children are separated from their parents by real borders—through a pandemic or other social and political disasters—the Web can become their space of freedom, their home, and a key opportunity to maintain the connection. 

In 2020, when borders were closed, Masha and her son found themselves in different countries and started playing Minecraft online. They built houses, planted gardens, bred sheep and caught fish, staying together at a distance in the digital world. Masha noticed their relationship change in the process: new patterns of communication developed and they became closer on a different, more sincere and open level. 

The Motherboard will be presented as an interactive archive and a Minecraft server hosting the world built by the authors of the project.

implemented with the support

Garage program on emerging technologies and media

in art and research GARAGE.DIGITAL

The Motherboard. Mascha Danzis contemporary video and media artist