Solaristics reached a deadlock 

Solaristics reached a deadlock. Mascha Danzis contemporary video and media artist

Video, Object, Ton — Installation 2013

The architectural model of the building turns into a spaceship. A monitor stands next to the model and shows a picture of an extraterrestrial landscape. This is the ocean of the planet Solaris. From the speaker, you can hear the breath of the planet, the noise of the spacecraft and the monologue of the astronaut. Snout is the hero of the novel «Solaris» by Stanislav Lem.

The installation is hommage on Tarkovsky’s film «Solaris» based on a book by Stanislav Lem. The film was shot in 1972; in 1973 he appeared in the GDR. A year later, the project of the building of the Czech Embassy by Vera and Vladimir Makhoninov was approved. The embassy building is a journey through time. In the 70s, in my childhood, everything revolved around a wonderful future. Films, books, design, architecture. All this embodied an excellent, ideal future. Science has opened doors for us to other worlds. My generation would have a better life, comfortable, without war and disease.
Vera and Vladimir Makhonins built their spaceship, designed with all utopian ideas and fantasies, it was supposed to fly into a better life. Only the prophets, Lem and Tarkovsky, already spoke about the crises of the future and what is lost in this desire for utopia. In my installation, I focus on the pursuit of an ideal future.


2013 «Return to Forever» Brutalism, Attitudes & Fiction, Tschechische Botschaft, Berlin