The sacred video script  

The sacred video script. Mascha Danzis contemporary video and media artist

Video-Installation, 3 Projektion, 5min 2018

In my work, I examine the phenomenon of “rebirth” — the manifestation of the ideal motherhood through the Youtube platform. The video triptych shows each phase of artificial child birth and its revitalization by the mother using a video blog on Youtube. The stages of “birth” are composed as parts of the New Testament scripture. Footnotes refer to the Cyborg Manifesto text. Our relationship with technology is getting closer and closer, Youtube is gathering new methods of presenting itself and creating easy access to this unknown reality.

Technology is so strongly integrated into privacy and social relationships today that the boundaries between reality and virtuality are becoming irrelevant. Haraway writes that gender, racial, and class consciousness are forced upon us by “terrible historical experiences of the contradictory social realities of patriarchy, colonialism, racism, and capitalism, ” and urges us to try to imagine another, post-gender world of hybrid organisms — cyborgs.

Gilbert Simondon suggests in “On the Mode of Existence of Technical Objects” that our civilization does not engage in technology at all. We still do not know what technology is, although our future is highly dependent on technical knowledge.
It is not technology that enslaves and alienates man, but man, by its utilitarian approach, enslaves and alienates technology from man, as a result of which he alienates himself. But human understanding is not enough to understand the evolution of technology, and although there are many possibilities when we often reproduce only the traditional scenarios.


2019 1ST Feminnale of Contemporary Art, Bischkek, Kirgisistan
2019 The Education Centre of the State Hermitage Museum “Saint nicknames”, St. Petersburg
2019 Media Center NY “CYFEST-12” “Saint nicknames”, USA New York 

Awards and nominations:
2019: Nomination at the “CYFEST-12” St. Petersburg

The sacred video script. Mascha Danzis contemporary video and media artist